YouTube is the New Radio & MTV…
Are You Making Money From It Like You Should Be?

The Real Money is in the Traffic, Subscribers, Ticket Sales & Anything You Sell to DIRECTLY Your Fans,
Not Just the Ad Revenue Share That So Many Give Part Away To Others! IT’s YOUR FANS!

Artists, Bands, Musicians, Publishers, & Record Labels must learn to manage and embrace that YouTube,combined with the mobile devices (4G phones and tablets) are the radio and TV in hands of billions of users worldwide.

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Tube Music Promotions

Knowing what to do and how to build a fan base on YouTube, Facebook, and your website is the money making opportunity that must be in place to build super fans who will pay for a long list of online profitable opportunities!


The music business has transformed into the fan building and relationship business because of mobile devices and the internet. That is not going to change!

The problem is so many in the music world do not optimize or own their online fan base to the max.

A mistake that costs any business untold profits and growth online.

So you have 3 choices…

  1. Ignore these facts and do nothing, making your online success no worse or better than you are now or…
  2. Learn what we teach in this course to start optimizing your online presence for success by knowing what to do and doing it from now on!
  3. Hire a reputable successful YouTube Music Promotions agency that knows the music business, how it used to be and how it is now and who stays up-to-date on how it is constantly changing and improving. The music business is now more than ever has become the fan building business combined with permission marketing. The path to making money with music and entertainment online!

Here’s what you get with TubeMusicPromotions Only Training for only $27:

  1. We teach anyone how to build a robust engaging YouTube channel with videos of all types that your fans will engage and share on Social Media. It is music videos, but can be videos of all types 30day-300x296encouraging engagement.
  2. How get more visits to your website,
  3. How to get more subscribers to channels, email and more.
  4. How properly title videos, tag them, building killer linked descriptions, linked associations
  5. YouTube cards, annotations and how to buy ads to find new fans
  6. Over 4 hours of videos to show step by step of what to do with case study examples of who is doing it great and examples of missed opportunities of even successful artists.

For less money than a few visits to your favorite Latte shop, you could be learning now how to build a fan base that buys not only your music, show tickets and merchandise, but a world of digital content that will provide you a career for life.

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Tube Music Promotions

To your success in music promotion with YouTube!
Mike & Ray